German language course for professionals

Are you ready for the next step in your career? Do you want to improve your ability to express yourself on the phone, in emails, in meetings and in direct contact with colleagues?

Then the language courses for the workplace at the Academy of Languages are the courses that will get you to your goal quickly and successfully.


These courses are intended for all professionals who want to optimize their language skills for business communication and sharpen their intercultural competence.

Our German course offer for special professional groups

Your needs and requirements for a professional language course are individual and industry-specific. Then we recommend our language courses in individual or small group lessons.  

Do you want to prepare for an important job interview or are you an architect, for example, and need the specialist vocabulary to be able to communicate with all trades on the construction site? In individual lessons, you will work with a suitably trained teacher to develop your tailor-made syllabus according to your wishes and needs.  

If you are a team in your company and want to improve your language skills together as a team, then our small group lessons for German for the workplace are the right choice. You will learn in practical exercises how to communicate confidently in your job-specific everyday life.

You are very busy during your working day and would therefore prefer to deepen your language skills in online training? We also offer this option at the Academy of Languages. Your team needs further training and better communicative skills to represent your department in negotiations with business partners or to train industry-specific vocabulary. In this case, our live online courses with a minimum of two participants are the language course you have been looking for.    

After the language courses, we offer you the opportunity to take a job-specific telc language exam and acquire an internationally recognised language certificate for your profession.  

You often speak differently at work than in your everyday life. When talking to customers or superiors, you use a different vocabulary and use professional terminology.

In order to prove your language skills in this field, telc offers special job-related language tests. They offer participants an assessment of their language skills in the field of vocationally-oriented German.

Would you like to prepare yourself even better for the exam? No problem with our language courses: we have the course, the teachers and the competence. With us, your exam preparation is already in the best hands.

We will be happy to advise you...

"We will be happy to advise you!"

[Tina Gajdics, Consultant at Academy of Languages]

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