Living with a host family

Living with a host family with us means the possibility of cultural exchange and personal enrichment for both sides. The host family is an important contact person for you and a supplement to the daily lessons so that you can learn more about the way of life in Germany. Our host families provide a single or double room and there is the possibility to choose between different types of meals.

Categories, catering and special requests

Location of host families: The F+U host families are located in various parts of the city and nearby suburbs of Heidelberg. Depending on the category, the distance from the school varies: 2-30 minutes by public transport in category A, up to a maximum of 50 minutes in category B.

Room facilities: The rooms are equipped with a bed, a wardrobe, a desk and a chair and are lockable. All rooms are non-smoking.

Meals: You have the possibility to book different types of meals in the host family. You can choose between breakfast, half board, full board (on class days you will receive a packed lunch at noon) or without meals.

Double room bookings: Double rooms can only be booked by two students arriving and departing together and both taking a course at our school (e.g. friends, couples). In a double room there are two separate beds or one double bed.

Guarantees: It is possible to book a guarantee for WLAN or the use of the kitchen for a small extra charge. Please inform us about it in advance.

Special features: Please tell us early if you have allergies (e.g. against pets, food, house dust) or special wishes (e.g. no pets, no children ...). We will be happy to take your wishes into account, if possible, in the selection of the host family.

Prices Host Family

  • Administration fee: €80; Deposit: €150 (contact us for deposit refund no later than Wednesday, 16.00)
  • Surcharge 40% each: W-LAN guarantee; English-speaking host family on request; full board (breakfast and dinner with the family, packed lunch at noon.
  • Kitchen sharing in case of booking without board: 20% extra charge.
  • Host family accommodation: laundry cleaning once or twice a week.
  • Name and address of the host family will be provided upon payment two weeks before moving in.
  • Rental contracts can be cancelled with four weeks notice.
  • Move-in: Sundays from 11:00-18:00, move-out: Saturdays from 10:00-18:00 (outside these times for an extra charge of € 35 and only by arrangement).

Please contact your host family in case of delays.

1 Travel time to school (by public transport). The way to the bus stop is not included, but usually the bus stop is only 5-10 minutes walking distance from the accommodation. Detailed information is available upon request.
2 "Extra days" will be charged in case of arrival already on Saturday, between 15:00-20:00 at the host family, or departure only on Sunday, 12:00 at the latest ("Extra days" must always be confirmed in advance by F+U).

General Information

Delay of arrival: Should your course start be postponed - e.g. due to a delayed visa - we reserve the right to place you with another host family of the same category. Please inform us and also the host family as early as possible if your arrival is delayed!

Room cleaning: The basic cleaning of the kitchen and bathroom, as well as the cleaning of the guest room before arrival or after departure will be done by the host family. However, students are expected to keep their rooms clean themselves. Cleaning supplies will be provided.

Washing machines: A washing machine is available in each host family. For the use of the machine, please ask your host family. In some families the students do their own laundry, in others it is done by the host family.

Bed linen: Bed linen is provided once, but you have to bring your own towels!

Bus and train: The host family is the first personal contact of the students to whom they can turn to ask about the way to school and the purchase of tickets for public transportation. Unfortunately, our school's student ID card does not entitle the student to purchase a discounted weekly or monthly ticket.

Rules and Living Together: Please clarify household procedures with your host family to avoid misunderstandings.
For reasons of youth protection, underage students must be home by midnight at the latest and may not be left alone overnight. Please familiarize yourself with the house rules, which you can find here for reference.