Welcome to the Russian Children's Academy in Heidelberg

We want to give bilingual children the opportunity to learn about the Russian culture their parents grew up with in a unique setting. In our mother-child classes, we strengthen the emotional connection to mother and child through dance, Russian music and fairy tales. 

In the classes, the first foundations of mathematics, logic, literature and history are laid. This is done in a playful way so that the children's development is optimally cultivated.

The children also receive support in the artistic and musical areas. The music lessons are entirely based on the classical works of Russian composers. The teacher supports the children on the school's own Steinway piano.

In art lessons, the children learn to express themselves creatively. They make their first experiences with different techniques and materials such as appliqué, drawing, painting and working with plastic materials. The lesson is complemented with stories about the decorative, contemporary and classical art of Russia and the world.



Our goals

  • Strengthening the parent-child relationship 
  • Getting to know the Russian roots, through language and culture 
  • Encountering the history, geography and traditions of Russia 
  • Development of learning strategies, motivation to acquire knowledge
  • Development of language skills, thinking skills and imagination
  • Development of the ability to work in a team: to express one's own opinion and to listen to the opinion of others.