German courses and language exams for foreign physicians and medical professionals

Language in everyday hospital life is an important medium and at the same time a great challenge.

As a prospective doctor, physician or medical professional, you should speak several languages in your everyday professional life: on the one hand, you must be able to communicate confidently with your colleagues at eye level. The correct use of medical terminology is essential.

The second language you should absolutely know is how to deal with patients and their relatives. In these conversations, it is important how you formulate diagnoses and messages in an understandable way. 

The specialist language courses German for Medicine and Nursing at the Academy of Languages will get you to your goal quickly and successfully. The courses are aimed at international doctors, dentists, pharmacists, medical students as well as physiotherapists, nurses and geriatric care staff. The teaching staff at the Academy of Languages have the relevant knowledge of the specialist language and will train with you to communicate successfully in everyday professional life. The language courses are suitable for you if you are already a trained professional or are about to start your medical studies or training.   


  • at least a completed B1 level (not older than 6 months)
  • ideally already some B2 knowledge (B2.1)

Contents of the German course for medicine and care

In small interactive groups you will train your communicative skills in the field of professional language, such as: 

  • Basics of professional language 
  • Intercultural and transcultural communication 
  • Anamnesis conversation and documentation 
  • Patient presentation 
  • Informative interview 
  • Conversation with relatives  
  • Breaking bad news 
  • Epicrisis / doctor's letter 

Preparation for the language exam

Our individual courses for medical and caring professions also prepare you optimally for a suitable and internationally recognised language exam.If you would like to book the language exam after your course, please contact us in advance - Ms Tina Gajdics from our exam centre will be happy to find a suitable exam date for you.

Language exams for professions in medicine and caring professions

Language exam telc German B2/C1 Medicine

telc Deutsch B2/C1 Medizin is a scaled examination at the competence levels B2 and C1. It tests subject-related German language skills of doctors from abroad. The specialist vocabulary in particular is oriented towards the practical everyday work of a hospital or clinic.

telc German B2 Medicine Entrance Examination

telc Deutsch B2 Medizin Entrance Examination is an examination at competence level B2. It tests everyday German language skills. The focus is particularly on the job-related daily routine in the everyday work of a hospital or clinic. International medical professionals who are also required to take a specialist language examination at the Medical Association in their federal state and who have to present a B2 certificate for this, can take this examination.

We would be happy to develop a tailor-made concept for the staff in your practice or clinic to make your specialist staff linguistically fit for everyday work.

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