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If you want to take a telc Deutsch C2 exam, you have come to the right place. With us you can take the exam as well as prepare with one of our exam preparation courses.

telc examinations stand for consistently high quality, both in Germany and internationally. As a member of ALTE, the Association of Language Testers in Europe, telc is committed to accurate testing and grading, as well as fair assessment of language skills according to levels A1 to C2 of the CEFR, the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. telc exams are therefore highly recognized by companies, government agencies, schools and universities.

Exam dates and prices

We offer you maximum flexibility in the choice of dates. You have the option of taking your exam on one of the general dates, as well as setting a personal preferred date.

Exam fee: 180 EUR

Minimum number of participants: Four candidates

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C2 test format

The telc C2 examination is a general language examination. It is used by adults to demonstrate their general language skills at level C2 of the CEFR for personal and professional purposes. C2 means effortless and near-native fluency in a foreign language. You understand virtually all input, both reading and listening. You make almost no mistakes in active language use.

You can take the telc C2 exam with us. The Academy of Languages has been a recognized examination center for telc examinations for many years. We advise and support you competently in all matters concerning your personal telc examination.

The telc C2 German exam consists of an oral and a written part. The written exam lasts 4 hours and 10 minutes including a 20-minute break. In the oral part you will be tested alone for 15 minutes.

The written exam consists of the parts reading comprehension, listening comprehension and writing as well as written expression.

You have 80 minutes for the reading comprehension part. You will be tested on your competencies in the areas of understanding text logic, detailed comprehension, and implicit comprehension. In the Understanding Text Logic part, you will have to put the sections of a text in the right order, especially with the help of your understanding of coherence-creating linguistic devices. In the other two parts, your ability to understand details communicated explicitly or implicitly in the text is tested.

Listening and Writing takes 60 minutes. This part tests your ability to transfer information from what you hear to a text. While listening to the text you can take notes, afterwards you summarize the content in a written text.

In the written expression section you have to write a discussion or statement within 90 minutes. In particular, you will be tested on your ability to consider various sources on a topic and to write a linguistically sophisticated text on this basis.

In the oral expression section you have to present a topic, which you have worked out in the preparation time, in detail for about 6 to 8 minutes in a well-structured lecture. Afterwards, the examiner will ask you questions about your presentation that will test your competencies in the following areas: Giving and asking for information; describing and discussing; reporting and narrating; commenting and justifying; and expressing possibilities.

Procedure: from registering to passing the exam

1. Contact us and clarify any questions you may still have.

2. Decide on an exam date and let us know.

3. Pay the invoice upon receipt.

4. Familiarize yourself with the invitation letter and the current exam regulations, which you will receive about a week before the exam.

5. Show up for your exam as indicated in the invitation letter.

6. If desired: On the day of the exam, request to have your results sent by mail. Pay the shipping directly on site.

7. Otherwise: collect your exam results from us when you have received notification from us that your exam results are available approximately 4 - 6 weeks after the exam.

Preparation Course
For each exam, the Academy of Languages offers suitable preparation courses that will help you maximize your potential on the exam and optimize your performance. 

The day of the exam

1. Arrival at the examination center: You will be welcomed by our team and taken to your examination room.

2. The invigilator in the examination room will direct you to the checkroom. Please make sure that you do not bring your cell phone or smartwatches into the examination room.

3. Back in the examination room: the invigilator explains the examination regulations, checks your ID cards and explains the procedure for the written examination.

4. The exam papers are handed out and the examination starts.

5. At the end of the written exam, you may have a snack and wait in our waiting room for your oral exam. Please note: cell phones and smart watches are still prohibited at this point!

6. Before the start of your oral exam, you will be allowed 20 minutes to prepare in a separate room. You will receive your assignments there.

7. The examiner will pick you up after the preparation time and go with you to the examination room.

8. Oral exam: The exam lasts 15 to 20 minutes.

9. After the oral exam, our team will escort you to your belongings in the checkroom.

10. Upon request, we will provide you with a confirmation of participation.

Contact, questions and registration for telc German exams

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