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telc examinations stand for consistently high quality, both in Germany and internationally. As a member of ALTE, the Association of Language Testers in Europe, telc is committed to accurate testing and grading, as well as fair assessment of language skills according to levels A1 to C2 of the CEFR, the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. telc exams are therefore highly recognized by companies, government agencies, schools and universities.

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telc Deutsch B2 - general language exam

The telc B2 examination is a general language examination. It is designed for adults to demonstrate their general language skills at level B2 of the CEFR for personal and professional purposes. B2 means that you can express yourself clearly and in detail, as well as argue and negotiate successfully. A large vocabulary in your field as well as on many common topics and a sound knowledge of grammar provide you with the basis for this.

You can take the telc B2 exam with us. The Academy of Languages has been a recognized examination center for telc examinations for many years. We advise and support you competently in all matters concerning your personal telc examination.

The telc Deutsch B2 exam format

The telc B2 German exam consists of a written and an oral part. The written part lasts 2 hours and 20 minutes. Before the oral part you have 20 minutes preparation time. The actual oral exam lasts 15 minutes. As a rule, it is a partner examination.

The written exam consists of the subtests reading comprehension, language building blocks, listening comprehension and written expression.

You have a total of 90 minutes for the reading comprehension and language components.

In the reading comprehension section, the subcompetencies Global Comprehension, Detailed Comprehension and Selective Comprehension are tested. In Global Comprehension you have to prove that you understand the main content of short authentic texts. In detailed comprehension you have to understand specific information in authentic texts. In the Selective Comprehension section you have to decide whether a text contains the required information or not.

In the language building blocks part, your mastery of both grammar and vocabulary is tested. There are two tasks. The first mainly tests grammar; the second mainly tests vocabulary. You have to decide which of the possible answers fits for several gaps in a text.

Listening comprehension takes 20 minutes. Here, the sub-competencies global comprehension, detailed comprehension and selective comprehension are also tested. All tasks are of the true-false type.

In the written expression section you have 30 minutes to write a semi-formal e-mail.

In the oral part you are expected to be able to talk about personal experiences - you prepare a short talk at home; to discuss a controversial topic on which you have read a text during the preparation time; and to plan something together with your partner by making suggestions, responding to suggestions and thus coming to a result together.

telc tests for your job

telc exam B2+ Beruf

The telc Deutsch B2+ Beruf exam is a job-specific exam, with a focus on work situations in the context of commercial office activities. This exam is designed for adults to demonstrate their occupation-specific language skills at the B2+ level of the CEFR. B2+ means that your language skills are slightly above B2.

You express yourself clearly and in detail, so that you can argue and negotiate successfully. You understand texts from your own field and less familiar fields. You can write business letters, reports and minutes. Your vocabulary is large and you are fairly confident in the use of grammar.

You can take the telc Deutsch B2+ Beruf exam with us. The Academy of Languages has been an official telc examination center for many years. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about telc exams and would be happy to welcome you to take a telc exam with us soon.

Exam format telc Deutsch B2+ Beruf

The telc Deutsch B2+ Beruf exam consists of an oral and a written part. The written exam lasts three hours, with an additional 20-minute break. You will have 20 minutes to prepare for the oral exam. The oral exam takes place as a partner exam and lasts about 20 minutes.

The written exam consists of the parts reading comprehension, written expression, listening comprehension and language components.

You have 60 minutes for reading comprehension. You will be given various texts for which you have to solve multiple-choice tasks.

In the writing part you have 60 minutes to write two texts. These are a somewhat longer text production of 180 - 200 words and a somewhat shorter text production in the range of 60 - 80 words. The texts to be written can be, for example, the following types of texts: Letter, note, short report, e-mail, short message.

The listening comprehension part takes about 30 minutes. You will listen to different audio texts related to the world of work. These can be e.g. news or reports, but also discussions between colleagues. The tasks in this part of the exam have multiple choice and true-false formats.

The final part of the written test is the language building blocks section. Here, two cloze texts are used to test your knowledge of grammar and your vocabulary. The first of the two texts focuses on morphology and syntax, i.e. grammar. The second text focuses on vocabulary.

The oral exam consists of four parts, of which the first part, in which you briefly introduce yourself, is not graded. The remaining three parts are presenting, discussing and negotiating. You prepare the topic of the presentation already at home, and you can choose the topic yourself. It can be a personal project, a product you are interested in, or your professional training/college studies. Your partner will respond to your presentation afterwards and vice versa. Afterwards, you will discuss together a topic on which you have read a text during the preparation time. In the Negotiation part, you usually solve a problem together by communicating information and proposed solutions to each other.

telc B2·C1 Beruf

telc Deutsch B2-C1 Beruf is a job-specific exam, focusing on work situations in the office. It is a scaled exam that helps to distinguish exactly what level your competencies are in reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

If you are at B2 level, you understand the main content of complex workplace-related texts. In your own areas of interest, you can participate in conversations in such a way that you can present your own point of view.

To have C1 level in a language means to be able to express yourself spontaneously and fluently and to have the linguistic means to vary your own style of speaking according to the situation. At this level you will hardly make any grammatical mistakes.

You can take the telc Deutsch B2-C1 Beruf exam with us. The Academy of Languages has been an official telc examination center for many years. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about telc exams and would be happy to welcome you to take a telc exam with us soon.

Exam format telc Deutsch B2·C1 Beruf

The exam consists of an oral and a written part. The written exam lasts a total of 2 hours and 50 minutes. You have a 20-minute break in between. You take the oral exam together with a partner without any preparation time.

The written exam consists of four parts: Listening Comprehension, Reading Comprehension, Language Elements, and Written Expression.

For listening comprehension you have 40 minutes. In listening comprehension, you have the tasks of understanding in detail both a routine situation in the workplace and longer speeches, identifying different positions on a job-oriented topic, and following a job-oriented discussion. The item formats in this section of the test are assignment, multiple choice, and true-false.

Reading comprehension takes 50 minutes. Here, your task is to search and match information in an Internet forum, understand a publication from the world of work in detail, and understand job-related information texts in detail. The task formats correspond to those in listening comprehension (matching, multiple choice, true-false).

The language building blocks section tests your grammar and vocabulary skills within 20 minutes. You are required to select appropriate discourse-steering elements in routine conversations (matching task) and to select appropriate language structures in company correspondence (multiple choice task).

In the written expression section, you will have 60 minutes to write three texts. These are an informal intra-company e-mail, a formal e-mail to a company partner and a formal intra-company discussion paper.

In the oral exam, you will be required to speak both monologically and dialogically. It starts with spontaneous small talk between you and your partner about a topic that is introduced with a visual input. Then you give a short talk that you have prepared at home. The topic of the talk is free, but it must be professionally related. Afterwards, your examination partner and the examiners will ask you questions. Finally, you discuss a topic with your partner: you express your opinion, support your opinion with examples and respond to your partner's arguments.

Procedure: from registering to passing the exam

1. Contact us and clarify any questions you may still have.

2. Decide on an exam date and let us know.

3. Pay the invoice upon receipt.

4. Familiarize yourself with the invitation letter and the current exam regulations, which you will receive about a week before the exam.

5. Show up for your exam as indicated in the invitation letter.

6. If desired: On the day of the exam, request to have your results sent by mail. Pay the shipping directly on site.

7. Otherwise: collect your exam results from us when you have received notification from us that your exam results are available approximately 4 - 6 weeks after the exam.

Preparation Course
For each exam, the Academy of Languages offers suitable preparation courses that will help you maximize your potential on the exam and optimize your performance. 

The day of the exam

1. Arrival at the examination center: You will be welcomed by our team and taken to your examination room.

2. The invigilator in the examination room will direct you to the checkroom. Please make sure that you do not bring your cell phone or smartwatches into the examination room.

3. Back in the examination room: the invigilator explains the examination regulations, checks your ID cards and explains the procedure for the written examination.

4. The exam papers are handed out and the examination starts.

5. At the end of the written exam, you may have a snack and wait in our waiting room for your oral exam. Please note: cell phones and smart watches are still prohibited at this point!

6. Before the start of your oral exam, you will be allowed 20 minutes to prepare in a separate room. You will receive your assignments there.

7. The examiner will pick you up after the preparation time and go with you to the examination room.

8. Oral exam: The exam lasts 15 to 20 minutes.

9. After the oral exam, our team will escort you to your belongings in the checkroom.

10. Upon request, we will provide you with a confirmation of participation.

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