TOEFL Test in Heidelberg

The Test of English as a Foreign Language - or under its more common name: TOEFL is a standardized and above all internationally recognized language certificate to prove existing English skills.

The test is usually taken by students or high school graduates who want to study abroad. Universities in the USA in particular require the TOEFL as proof when applying. However, more and more universities in Germany are also requiring the TOEFL when it comes to English-language studies.


The Academy of Languages has been conducting the TOEFL test since 2006. Every year, 300 students take the test at our testing center.

The TOEFL is a difficult four-hour exam. You cannot "fail" the TOEFL in the literal sense. The evaluation is reflected in the so-called score report, which contains the number of points achieved. If you have achieved the points required for admission to the intended course of study at the university, it is not necessary to repeat the test. You can take the TOEFL as often as you like.

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TOEFL Test: Procedure and Content

Although the TOEFL test is internet-based, it is not possible to take it in the privacy of your own home. At our testing center, usually twelve participants will take the test at the same time.

Reading, listening, speaking and writing are the four skills that the TOEFL test measures. We start with Reading. The texts you will receive cover a very wide range of topics, from Bantu agriculture and iron smelting to water resources on Mars, cultural history in ancient times, and other topics.

On the day of the exam, you should arrive at the testing center half an hour before the test starts. The TOEFL team will guide you to your seat where everything is prepared for you.

Before the short break, you will need to complete the Listening Section. For this you will need the headset for the first time. Again, topics from all areas will be covered. It may happen that the speakers have an accent and speak very fast. The questions will be complicated in ascending order.

After the break, the subtest "Speaking" follows. For this, you will again need to put on the headset and adjust the microphone so that you can speak into it well. You do not have to raise your voice to speak the answers. The microphones are very sensitive and pick up even quietly spoken sentences. Since you will be taking the test with other participants in our TOEFL Lab, you should be prepared for a corresponding background noise. The topics again cover a variable spectrum of areas. From environmental protection to socially relevant topics to an argument in favor of an issue, anything can be included. Your text should be 300 words.

After about four hours the TOEFL test is finished. After ten days you can view your score report online. Results will be sent out four to six weeks after the test date. You cannot fail the TOEFL test. You will receive a score appropriate to your language skills, based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. You may need to retake the test after two years, at which time it becomes invalid.

Registration for the TOEFL Test

Registration for the TOEFL iBt test dates at the Academy of Languages takes place exclusively via the portal of the test provider ETS.

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The TOEFL test doesn't have to be a scary experience! We help you to pass this demanding English test with the desired results with our exam-preparatory language courses. Our qualified, mostly native-speaking instructors will help you sharpen your language skills so that you are best prepared to take the TOEFL test.

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